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21-year-old lady reunites with her biological mother and sisters after her social media post went viral

A 21-year old lady identified as Lydia Macnair, who recently launched a detach for her biological family is happy as her family located her through the power of social media.

Lydia earlier took the microblogging platform Twitter and Facebook and launched a search for her biological family stating that she was Adopted by a white family relocated to another city after her adoption.

She also said she was born in the year 2021 while sharing a picture of herself when she was still a baby and included other information she knows about herself which will easily locate her to her biological parents.

She wrote

“‼️pls share‼️I have been searching for my biological mom/family and have had no luck. A simple RT could help me find them. I was born September 15,2001(21 yrs old) The only info I have is my biological moms name is Demonica and she lives in the north Raleigh area. Thread below⬇️

I was adopted through Amazing Grace Adoptions in Raleigh and moved to Asheville/Fairview Nort Carolina. I know I have at least 3/4 older siblings.

I know this a long shot but i’ve exhausted all other options at this point. Next will be a private investigator but wanted to take a chance w twitter. A simple like or retweet could help.”


This post however, got many shares and retweets from netizens and her family members immediately contacted her through social media

See screenshots below

She eventually reconnected with her biological mother and her other siblings – two sisters and two brothers.