Home Breaking news $23million Abacha loot should address our demands — ASUU President.

$23million Abacha loot should address our demands — ASUU President.


Recall that days back, US  government signed an agreement to to return $23million  from the Abacha loot so , there were those who think that the money  should be used to solve the problems of ASUU in order  to end the strike.

During an interview between channels news and ASUU president Prof Emmanuel Osodeke on Tuesday, he was asked if the $23million Abacha loot was channeled towards ASUU as people thought ,whether it would have had impact on ASUU situation, ASUU president gave a positive reply implying that the$23million Abacha loot would have solved the ongoing industrial action.

“Definitely, let’s take a typical, man you have a home and one of your child is sick and you have no money to take him to hospital, and you made money that you were not expecting were will you use the money? Definitely the child before you start buying cloth ” Prof Osodeke said.

“Universities have been shut for six months, and such money that they were not expecting came,they would have channeled it to education if they really loved education ” he said.