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Naughty Catholic priest has confessed to filming a thr££some on a church’s altar.

Travis Clark
A Catholic priest  identified as Travis Clark has confessed to filming a threesome with dominatrices on a church’s altar in Pearl River, USA. .
Clark has been defrocked
Travis Clark, 39, pleaded guilty to a felony obscenity charge after committing the “demonic” act inside the place of worship.
This atrocious priest was caught by a passer-by who noticed that  lights were still on at night in Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church.
The eye witness  disclosed that  when they peeped through the window, they saw Travis Clark half-naked as he romped with two women in September 2020.
Travis’s accomplices ladies identified Mindy Dixon and Melissa Cheng, were dressed in corsets and high-heeled boots during the steamy act.
Mindy Dixon bragged about the act on social media
Information gathered was that when the police  alerted  and on their arrival to the church and found a tripod-mounted camera that had been filming the priest and professional dominatrices.
They also discovered sex toys and stage lighting, reports New York Post.
Police confirmed although the act was consensual, the trio were arrested on obscenity charges because they were in view of the public.
On the evening of the incident, Mindy Dixon had reportedly boasted that she was going to “defile a house of God” on social media.
Melissa Cheng, an OnlyFans model who describes herself as a “Chinese/German 5’11 Goddess”, previously branded the witness a “snoop.”
Cheng said the arrest has impacted her work
She set up a GoFundMe account because she was too ‘disturbed to work’ after being caught.
She said at the time: “My privacy gets violated and I get in trouble.
“Maybe people shouldn’t snoop in windows and then complain about what they see, especially at night. Ridiculous.
“I’m so shaken up, I keep having nightmares and panic attacks and literally can’t work on anything. I feel overwhelmed with anxiety from this ordeal.”
She added on her fundraising page: “The fact that I am being
vilified like this is quite frankly, appalling. “I understand that
people may be upset by this situation, but that does not make
this conduct illegal or criminal in any way.”
Clark has been defrocked. He has also been slapped with a
suspended three-year sentence of supervised probation and a
$1,000 fine, according to the Advocate.