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A village in Enugu where every old person is blind and children have kwashiorkor(VIDEO)

A village in Enugu state where elders from the age of 50 upwards goes and blind and most the Children have kwashiorkor and other Members of the community is suffering from one  alignment or the other .

This village was discovered by Popular Nigerian Content creator Lucky UDU , he specializes on traveling to different states in Nigeria discovering people that needs to be given attention in the Country until he stumbled on the village in Enugu state.

This village in Enugu which Lucky choose to keep anonymous lacks all forms of Government intervention starting from medical attention to Education.

According to the investigation that Lucky carried out on them in the video, they were only feeding from all forms of carbohydrates ranging from Corn, garri, cassava and the the rest which was suspected reason for their blindness .

The philanthropic fellow who have been taking care of those villagers for years and also served as a Tour guide for Lucky said that most of those villagers remained like that because they cannot afford medical fees.

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source: Lucky UDU Facebook