Home Entertainment Actress Chacha Eke declares that she will reunite with her husband again

Actress Chacha Eke declares that she will reunite with her husband again

Chacha Eke, Nollywood award winning actress, and mother of four, had said that she is still going to reconcile and reunite with her husband, Austin Faani, who is a Nollywood producer.

In the middle of 2022 Chacha Eke, took to her social media page to announce to the world that she is ending her marriage with her husband. 
Recall that, it wasn’t her first time publicly, announcing that she is ending her marriage with Austin Faani.

She made a video of her in late 2020 saying that she is done with her marriage based on domestic violence, and she also came out later, stating that she was suffering from bipolar disorder, and all she said about her marriage was due to the sickness, and she wasn’t serious.
Chacha Eke, recently during an Instagram live, has again declared her intention of reuniting with her husband, Austin Faani.

 A follower asked her, why her husbands name is still attached to her name since she made it known to the public, that she is no more interested in the marriage.

  Chacha Eke replied by saying, that the name is still on her IG page because it needs to be there. She claimed that social media users wouldn’t understand her marital problem.

According to what she said,  she said that she will return to her marriage at the right moment, and is just waiting for the perfect time to present itself.

She continued by saying, that her health issue has created lots of  problems for her, and rather than taking her medications and relaxing whenever she has symptoms of her health issue,she finds herself venting on social media, which always brings about damages.