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Anambra roads;now a threat to lives

 Anambra State watchword  is Light of the Nation,” yet the state of its roads does not illustrate light.

The  situation of federal roads in Anambra State has become a hitch for death, which  results to distress  users.

Most of the state and federal roads in significant towns including Nnewi, Onitsha, Awka, are all in a devastated.
 This situation which is causing motorists and pedestrians grief everyday.Mainly The Onitsha-Owerri road.
It started  Upper Iweka confederation to the Federal Metallurgical Training Institute.
This mentioned road incredibly worrisome, not only in collapsed state, but falling of receptacle trucks.
The Onitsha-Owerri Road is an extremely active essential road binding the River Niger Bridge to other Southeastern states and few parts of the South-South.

The reason it documents  high volume of vehicles is due to its primacy to the province.

Recently, that is the only primary road binding the province from the River Niger Bridge, till the second Niger Bridge is being completed.

Few seconds drive out most times turns to many hours movement, because of the bad situation of the road.

 Criminals now  attack pedestrians and most times motorist.
As at now, the road has become a misery for pedestrians and motorists because of the steady attack from hooligans, that never seize to rob them  all time mostly during the night period.
Vehicles window glasses gets destroyed and people always get injured by those criminals while trying to steal from them.
A4s4mid that,the government is yet to answer to cries of the people.
As though as hefty  containers  fall almost all the time, which always results to life risking.
It has also result the increment of transportation fares.
 Anambra State watchword  is Light of the Nation,” yet the state of its roads does not in any way illustrate light.
Travelling within or through Anambra roads has become a problem.
This is as a erosion  that has taken over most of the roads, particularly in the aspect of constant rainfall.