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ARCON now APCON bans use of foreign models

Advertising regulatory council of Nigeria (ARCON), which  recently changed their name APCON (Advertising practitioner council of nigeria) is a body that promote responsible and ethical advertising practice, acting as the conscience of society and watchdog for the consumer  in Nigeria,  recently announced the ban on the use of foreign models and voice -over artists for adverts targeted at Nigerians, and this ban on foreign models will take effect from October 1.

Olalekan Fadolapo who is the ARCON director-general  in a statement said the ban is in line with the Federal Government’s policy to develop local talent and inclusive economic growth for sectors of the country, including advertising.

Fadolapo said “ARCON, being the apex advertising, advertisement and marketing communications’ regulatory agency of the Federal Government, has in accordance with its statutory mandates, responsibilities and powers as conveyed by the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria Act No. 23 of 2022 bans the use of foreign models and voice-over artists on any advertisement targeted of exposed on the Nigerian advertising space with effect from Ist October 2022,” .

The director-general added that all advertisements and marketing communications materials are to make use of only Nigerian artists and models.

He explained that subscribed to  advertising and marketing campaigns  with foreign models and voice -over artists  are allowed  to exhaust  their duration after which the ban will be enforced

All advertisers, advertising agencies, media houses, advertising communities and the general public were urged by  ARCON to take note of the ban.