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“Be gay on your own, do not involve my son” – JekwuTheStylist warns his ex-wife.

Popular Nigerian Stylist professionally known JekwuTheStylist has accused her ex-wife  Nikki Anyansi  of introducing their only son to LGBTQ lifestyle.

The couple got married and welcomed their son 2018 but separated afterword to to Nikki’s sexual orientation.

Jekwu took to the social media to call out his ex-wife claiming that Nikki now lives with her alleged new lover and they share the same bedroom with their.

He however called out his ex-wife to keep their son away from her romantic relationship.

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“Be gay on your own I honestly don’t care, infact if you prefer dogs or even horses
it doesn’t matter to me but when you try to inductrinate my 5yr old son in any manner or form
then we have a big problem I don’t care if you birthed him.

Took me a while to get here but I guess sometimes people or situations push far enough just to see how much you can take sometimes you have to do what you have to do even if it means going out of character.

Either or both of you should bring your defamation sue or whatever im ready now,

For some of you that know them or seen them you know what’s going on what you don’t know is that they’re literally living together sleeping on the same bed with our son. For months!!!

I’ve begged, I’ve asked, I’ve demanded and all parties involved. Just keep my son out of it. That’s all I asked for, you can do whatever you want. TBH it’s not like I’m the most decent guy.

I’m tired I’ve exhausted every other means

If you don’t know me you can say or think whatever you want but anyone that knows me knows this is the very last thing I wanna do

They have called me a deadbeat dad, a crazy ex, a cheat and a homophobic
no problem. I do not think I’m being unreasonable here with what I’m asking

I’m not gonna turn off comments I’m not afraid of anything y’all have to say to me or about me”.