best Christmas gift boyfriend/ spouse this December

Irrespective of the fact that they hardly show emotions, men are actually big babies and they appreciate those seemingly tiny yet well thought out gestures of love shown them. Right from when they were little boys, every gift they received helped tighten the bond they had with whomever gave them stuff especially their parents.

We are fast approaching the festive season and everyone is anticipating what forms of special treatment they would be receiving including that husband of yours who is hardly around due to his very busy schedule and that boyfriend of yours that is all fixed on passing his Bar exams. To show how deeply appreciative you are of these amazing men in your life, we curated a list of the best Christmas presents that you could give to that special man this December.

  best Christmas gift boyfriend/ spouse this December

  best Christmas gift boyfriend/ spouse this December

 1. Game console

most men enjoy playing games of different kinds especially video games and majority of them are even deeply addicted to pressing tabs and starring at screens as they play their favorite games. Although they

ironically tend to give more attention to this inanimate objects, you just can’t help but see your man doing what he loves doing and what’s better than being the reason for this happiness?


2.  Perfumes

a man who smells nice, is a man who is comfortable going wherever with his chin up. Board meetings, job interviews, conferences, bars wherever at all name it. Perfumes boosts a man’s self-esteem as a nice fragrance would attract attention and compliments would keep flying in.



3.  Good shoes

have you ever observed how obsessed little boys are with their new shoes? They walk with so much grace and they are so full of pride. That is the exact way a full grown man feels when he puts on a very nice shoe. You could go for luxury brands if you can comfortably afford them but if you cannot afford those designer brands, go for something lesser yet very classy.


4.  A paid trip for a short stay/vacation:

“Babe, pack your bags, we would be going away for the next 7 days” sounds like something only ladies hear right? Exactly why a man would respect and value this so much. Sounds like the perfect blend of mystery, feminine authority and intentionality on your part as a woman. It doesn’t even have to be an expensive trip, it could be a 4 days stay at a very nice hotel outside your city.



5.  A nice wrist-watch

just like shoes, wrist watches are goodfashion items that men appreciate a lot. Especially theblack/brown leather strapped ones. One good thing about wrist

watches is that even the very cheap ones can appear to be so

exquisite and luxurious. You would be doing your relationship so

much good if you choose to invest in this fashion item on your man’s behalf.

6.  New gadgets

for guys whose jobs require tech gadgets like laptops, cameras, Ipads and maybe a more quality phone you should consider this very option and splash some thousands on making life easier for this amazing man.


7.  A movie date

all expense covered by you, just get this man to prepare, drag him down to a cinema, sit back and enjoy a movie you both enjoy or have been anticipating seeing together. You could even make it more remarkable buy grabbing food after the movie date.



8.  A new car (or a bicycle)

yeah, a new car, isn’t so much a gift to buy for your “husband coughs”. The idea is to let him understand that he has been a good man all through the year and he deserves to be celebrated. You can get him an upgrade to the one he’s been driving already or maybe give him some money to complete payments for that car he has been saving up for a while.

Relationships require effort, mutual efforts by both parties and intentionality in making sure it works. Go all out for that special man this year and I am sure he would not want to disappoint you also.