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“Bobrisky, na man you be, nothing can change that”-Relationship expert Solomon Buchi slams Bobrisky for complaining about his misgendering.

Popular twitter personlity Solomon buchi has slammed popular Nigerian cross dress Idris okuneye better known as Bobrisky after he complained how people keep misgendering him as a man.

The Nigerian cross-dresser took to his social media complaining how Nigerians has the habit of questioning one’s gender when they equally have answer to it.


Bobrisky wrote

He wrote:

“Only in Nigeria people argue your gender with you. I say am a girl some are still doubting. Until i spread my kpekus on air before una believe mtwww”.

The post got the attention of Solomon Buchi and he verbally attacked the cross-dresser ascertaining that his actions  is bringing disrespect to  woman hood and there is nothing he can do that will change his gender from male to female .

He further stressed that even if the coss dresser is to remove his manhood, strands of his DNA will still prove that he is a man.

In his words;
“Bobrisky actually denigrates womanhood. Bob, gender is not a costume that you can put on and off. You’re a man. A red blooded man. Even if you go through surgeries to become trans***, you’re still a man.
Your gender isn’t just in your sexual organs. It’s down into your bones; your DNA. Such that if one dies and is buried, 100 years later, they can check through the bones and know that he was male. Bobrisky, na man you be.”