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Body of 13-year-old boy displaced by flood recovered in Abuja.

The body of a teenage boy 13, identified as Tosin Faisal Otun, has been recovered four after he was displaced by flood waters in Abuja.

The information about the missing 13 year old boy was disclosed by his sister  on twitter, where she said that flood water swept him away at their residential home along SCC Road in the Bwari area of Abuja on Friday October 14, 2022.

According to the announcement made by his sister, Tosin was last seen when he was sent to get a goat tied near a drainage system  near their residential home.

she wrote,“Pls, help find my brother. His name is Tosin Faisal Otun, a 13-year-old. He was swept away by water on Friday around 4pm, 14th October, 2022. Pls, retweet till we find him.”.

In recent development about this incident with Punch, Monday, October 24, Toyosi said her brother might have slipped in the process of untying the goat while it rained heavily in their community.

Toyosi said ,“He was sent on an errand to bring our goat into the compound. I think he tied the goat close to the drainage. So, he went to get the animal when the rain started. I think he slipped, .


However , the father of the 13 year old deceased boy Adewale, said Tosin’s corpse was found four days after the incident, and he had been laid to rest.

“The reason w hy the information was tweeted then was that when the flood swept him away, we could not find his corpse. Eventually, four days after, we were able to find his corpse and he has been buried. The incident happened around 4pm,” he said.