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Breach of Agreement between Cameroon and Nigeria could be the reason behind the recent flooding in Nigeria(VIDEO)

Flooding in Nigeria this year is not a new thing among Nigerian as about 12 out of 36 states in Nigeria has experience flooding to its maximum level.

In states like Anambra, Bauchi, Kogi, Bayelsa, Asaba, flooding has lead to the to the death of hundred of people in this various state and uncountable number of people have been displaced through this flooding, villages and cities are forced out to f their comfort zones.

According to one Tv identified as INFORMATION SCIENTISTS , this flooding was probably cause as result of breach in agreement Cameroon had With Nigerian Government.

According to that interview, what caused this recent Flooding in Nigerian was a Cameroonian dam called Legdo that was built in the year 1977.

Lagdo dam
Lagdo dam

This Dam was built by Cameroonian government on the agreement that Nigerian government is also going to build a counterpart dam that was supposed to be Named Dancing Hausa Dam.

According the interview This supposed dancing Hausa dam was supposed to be  2 and 1/2  size of the Lagdo dam dam built by the Cameroonian government, and it’s  function is to be cushioning or supporting effect of Lagdo dam dam.

The interview also added that Lagdo dam dam have been providing irrigation to irrigation farms in states like Benue and Adamawa and also generate light to the communities.

However, Nigerian government failed to complete this dam which was reportedly started in the year 1981 and as a result of that Nigerian are being flooded.

Lagdo dam
Lagdo dam

Recall that in the year 2012, Nigeria recorded a massive case flooding just like 2022, this interview made this known that it was a result of Cameroon opening the Lagdo dam dam.

However In September 2022, the National Emergency Management Agency and the Nigerian Hydrological Services Agency informed Nigerians that the “Lagdo Dam operators in the Republic of Cameroon had commenced the release of excess water from the reservoir on September 13, 2022.”

Conclusion, Nigeria did not honor the agreement with Cameroonian government by completing the Dancing Hausa dam to cushion the effect of Cameroonian Lagdo dam when it is being  open , hence these flooding.