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Breaking news:aAt least 174 people de@d as riot breaks out after a football match in Indonesia

Report said that  at least 174 people are dead and about 180 injured at a football match in Indonesia.

This was recorded as on of the world worst- ever stadium disaster.

Accodring to report , Two police officers and 5 year old child were among the victim of this riot  that broke out  during a football match between two Indonesian football teams Arema and Persebaya Surubaya in the city of East java.

This fight broke out immediately after the final whistle of the game that ended in 3-2 in the Favour of Surubaya followed by a dreadful attack by the Arema fans.

Arema started by Attacking the police officers , burning cars causing a chaos for people In the stadium.

The police men however started firing tear gas with resulted into huge chaos . more than 300 people were immediately rushed to the hospital, some died on their way to the hospital while some died during treatment, however, Large number were still injured.

Multiple reports claimed that some players who were still on the pitch during the incident were not spared during arguably the worst stadium disaster in history. However, Indonesian President Joko Widodo has since expressed his condolences to the victims of the unfortunate incident.