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“Carter Efe and Sydney Talker offered to pay me off for Machala with N100K” — Berri Tiga (Video)

The upcoming nigerian singer Berri tiga who recently produced a hit song Machala with a popular Nigerian Comedian Carterefe is having feud the the comedian following their hit song that was dedicated  to popular nigerian  Muscian Wizkid.

Earlier, their hit song machala ranked number one on apple music following the music was loved by the fans of wizkid.

However in recent two minutes video made my Berri tiga, it seems that thr two Machala crooner are in feud as a result of breach in agreement.

He made the video after carterefe called him out on his media pages as being ungrateful.

According to berri,the initial proposal for the song was 95-5% where carter takes 95% after which it was renegotiated to 70-30, where Berri Tiga takes 30%.

“You  Offered im 95/5 % of song i sang from beginning to the end , how is that possible,isn’t  that greed?”

“go shows alone , make post on your page about the song without tagging me”

“and now you are saying im ungrateful.”

Berri also disclosed that after a day of agreement with carterfe, Sydney and carterefe called him and proposed to pay him off withh N100,000

Watch video below