Home Sports Chelsea to be renamed “The london Cowboys”,Anounces Bhoely

Chelsea to be renamed “The london Cowboys”,Anounces Bhoely

On Sunday, owner of chelsea football club, Todd Boehly said, “Fans will adore the new name. “All the Cowboy fans in the Boehly Bowl will go crazy every time Aubama, Auyanga, or any other member of our offense makes a 1-point field goal. That brings to mind that the stadium is also getting a new name.


The multibillionaire businessman declared that these reforms were just the beginning. “In the long run, I can see the Cowboys moving to Boston or New York. I have no doubt that our loyal supporters won’t mind flying a significant distance to every home game. For those that travel, we’ll likely offer 10% off any pretzel at the Boehly Bowl.

“Could someone send in Harry Potter please?” he added. “I’ve a hankering to sack someone.”

After 118 years, Chelsea FC will change its name to the “London Cowboys” beginning with the 2023–2024 season. One of the many upcoming developments affected by US sports is the rebranding.