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Did you know? The 8 most powerful yet mysterious women in Alaafin of Oyo’s palace

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The 8 most powerful women in Alaafin of Oyo’s palace

The Oyo kingdom has always been a center throne of power in the ancient and present day Yoruba land. It represents traditional authority which dates back to hundreds of years before Christ emerged. Known for its dominance and the role it played in the Slave trade era and the invasion of the white’s into Africa. Alaafin of Oyo is the supreme head of the Oyo kingdom and he has thousands of servants ever ready to do his wish.

8 most powerful women in Alaafin of Oyo's palace – He knees to one of them | Theinfong

As the king, the Alaafin is entitled to wives in their dozens if he so wishes and treasures owned by the kingdom gotten as war spoils from previous wars fought but one fact not known to many is that there are 8 women closely affiliated to the King. They act as guides for the Alaafin, they console him during events of a loss, they cheer him up, motivate him and also advise him when he’s about making a very vital decision. They also educate the Alaafin on topics he doesn’t know much about.
Who are these women and what offices do they hold?

The 8 most powerful women in Alaafin of Oyo’s palace
1. Iyamode

Baba(Father) as she is referred to by the king. She is the symbol of fatherhood to the King and she assumes the told of a father to him once coronated. Iyamode is the only woman the king kneels before and in reciprocity of the kings humble gesture, she returns this honor by also going on her knees. She is the most senior priestess inside the Alaafin’s Palace and she also doubles as the Eni Oja who is in charge of all the kings market. As tradition demands, she must remain celibate right from the moment she assumes this role.

2. Iya Naso

since the Alaafin worships sango(the God of thunder) in his private chambers, Iya Naso is in charge of this spiritual room and she helps the king perform every ritual rite demanded.

3. Iya Kere

At the emergence of a new Alaafin, Iya Kere is in charge of placing the crown on the kings head. Iya Kere is the treasurer in charge of the kings Treasury. She safe guards every treasure belonging to the royal household.

4. Iya oba

After the demise of the kings biological mother, Iya Oba assumes the role of his mother.

5. Iya Monari(Executioner)

sango worshippers are not to be beheaded when they trepass and if there would be any need for executing any sango worshipper, Iya Monari will do the job by strangling the individual to death.

6. Iya-Fin-iku

the king has a Ram that roams the town freely and eats whatever it wants to feed on and walks on grounds it wants to tread on without being hurt or stolen. Iya-Fin-iku is in charge of taking the best care of this king’s Ram.

7. Iyalagbon

in a situation where a crown prince mother is dead, iyalagbon takes up this role of a mother and nurtures the prince till he becomes king.

8. Are Orite

the king’s favorite, the king’s personal assistant, the king’s right

hand man and best friend. She ensures the king is properly fed

and maximally satisfied. She is constantly by his side.