Home Culture Did you know? The Igala War Helmet .

Did you know? The Igala War Helmet .

The Igala War Helmet .

The Igala War Helmet .

During wars in ancient times, warriors were dressed in different

war regalia full of different talismans and charms that were

considered effective in fighting against the enemies and acting as

strong Bulletproof vest and vices for teleportation and levitating,

disappearing or transforming Into wild beasts as at when needed.

Before the adoption of British war helmets the indigenous Igala

people of Benue state Nigeria who were known for their

excellence in traditional charms were thee first to invent a war

helmet that helped prevent attacks by the enemies. When these

war helmets were worn, Igala warriors could transform into wild animals like bears, Lions, Leopards and even snakes.



As powerful as this war tool was, it was seized by British Colonial thieves who took them and kept them on display as archives at the British Museum.

The Igala War Helmet .


Did you know?
The first business man to deposit money into a Nigerian bank.

Saving money in the olden days was quite a task for wealthy

individuals as they had to conceal millions of coins and other

valuables in large rooms, silos, underground chambers or

whatever method of saving they had to deploy to save money.

When Bank of British West Africa presently known as First Bank of

Nigeria came into the country, they opened a few branches in notable business zones across the country. In 1929,they opened a major branch at Kano state Nigeria and of the first major deposits was made by Alhaji Alhassan Dantata, who happens to be the grandfather to Africa’s richest man, Alhaji Aliko Dangote. Alhaji Alhassan Dantata deposited 20 camel loads of silver coins on the same day to the Bank of British West Africa. He was the richest man in Africa when he was alive and his wealth was largely due to his smart investments in Real estates and Agriculture.