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“Do you need any other document before I sell it?” Man disclosed the message he got from a thief that stole his laptop.

Thief escaping

Zwelithini a south african man has shared an impetuous email  he got from a laptop thief who stole his Laptop.

According to Zwelithini , he lost his Personal computer  last night and got an e mail from the thief  explaining why he robbed him.

The thief however displayed an act of kindness and  attached the research proposal he was working on that was saved on the laptop. He further  asked the victim whether he needed any other documents on the laptop before selling it to get money.

In his words;
“Bro howzit,
1 know I stole your laptop yesterday. I needed the money as I have been struggling to make ends meet.
I see that you were busy with a research proposal, I have attached it and if the are any other files that you need please alert me before Monday
12:00 since I have found a customer.
Once again ngiyacolisa bro.”