Home Celebrity “Don’t let a woman spend money on you” – Reality star,warns men

“Don’t let a woman spend money on you” – Reality star,warns men


Popular Big Brother naija star Tuoyo has warned men  to  desist  from allowing women to spend money on them.

This big brother naija star while making a  post on his instagram story advised men not to allow woman to spend on them .

Tuoyo while advising men the urged them not to allow woman to know their financial problems ascertaining that allowing a woman to foot your bill when you are not able to do so will eventually attack insult and dis respect in future .

“No let woman spend money on you ooh, or even let her know your financial state. If you know say you no fit chest bills leave woman alone. E they bring insult. Never date a woman who is about competing, you will die young if you do”, he wrote.

This advice came few  days after popular female disk jockey Dorathy shola fapson  called out popular Nigerian  singer skill for have ice on his neck but zero cash in his bank account ,claiming she was the one footing their bill when they were still a couple.




Popular Nigerian female Disk Jockey, Dorcas Shola Fapson popularly  known as Ms

DSF,has taken to social media to call out her estranged lover  ,popular Nigerian singer Skibii  again on twitter.

This came few days after she called him out for having ice on his neck and risk but zero cash in his bank account in a post she letter deleted. she caption the post “Ice on your

neck… ice on your wrist..no running water in your house…no food in your fridge…Zero

money in your Account”.

However, in recent post made by Ms  DSF she claimed that she one responsible for skibii’s

for skibii’s bills when they were still a couple.

According to the confession made by her ,the matching Fendi designer outfit they once

twinned during their time together was bought by her and she even flew him to Zanzibar,