Although it is a change that accompanies puberty, acne is one

menace a lot of people wish they never had to go through.

Acne has given so many people issues with  their self-esteem as

most people do not have enough confidence in what originally

could have been their most outstanding feature.

Ladies suffering from acne would mask their entire face with

concealers and people spend so much on skin care products that

are assumed to be good for the treatment or effective in the fight

against acne. But defeating acne with skincare products could

actually make it grow worse as most products were not

manufactured or even modified to suit all skin types.

Most people do not even know the exact skin care product that would give them the desired result in the long run.

effective ways of getting rid of acne

Some effective ways to get rid of acne:

Let that face breathe: yes, leave that face alone. Although acne affects more than the face, most people are okay with it not going beyond their concealed body regions. Trying out everything, from soaps to lotions, powders and even drugs is never the ideal way to go about the treatment or cure of acne. Just relax and let that face rest for a while.

Enlist the service of a Dermatologist: dermatologists are specially trained in the study of the skin and its diseases. You should enlist a dermatologist if your acne is either at its very early stage as it is really easier to combat or when it becomes so complex to tackle. A dermatologist could proffer a more reliable solution to you.

Washing the face regularly: acne thrives on open pores on the skin and when these pores are clogged with dirts acne would gain enough grounds to mutate, regenerate and even become difficult to take out. Proper washing of the face with very pure and clean water at least twice daily would work some magic and ensure you do not use harsh soaps or scrub acne prone or affected regions too hard.

Try using Non-Comedogenic products: non-comedogenic products are those skin care products that contains ingredients that would not clog or block the pores on your skin and these products will greatly help reduce the chances of acne or pimples developing. Products like 2% salicylic acid, serum, inatur collagen face serum etc.