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“If your husband is being snatched ,You are in relationship with yourself” Aisha Yesufu Women on how to cheat on their cheating husband

Popular social media personality and endsars Activist ,Aisha yesufu have advised married women with cheating husband not to sit idly and watch rather they should have a plan B.

Aisha made this comment on her twitter account shortly after she Initially made a post regarding how married men go about disgracing their husband’s side chick .

Aisha tagged that act “Nonsense “because  she believed that instead of a married to do that to aside chick, it is better for to retaliate her husband .

She wrote “The nonsense of married women going about harassing those they call side chicks need to be dealt with. What nonsense is this? You go beat up a lady and video her naked? Then post it online? What manner of rubbish is all that? Why not face your good for nothing husband?

This however stirred reactions among netizens who totally disagreed with what she said , some bombarded her with  questions which she later reacted to

Reacting to people’s comment she however made a post shortly where she devised a simple plan B for women with a cheating husband urging to ignore and turn a blind  and also turn to a cheating wife.

Read are tweet

If your husband is being snatched, sister you are in a relationship with yourself. Work on your plan B!

Plan B
1) Ignore him & turn a blind eye
2) Get a side guy & go with him for a double date
3) Plead with the girl like Dolly Parton did with Jolene
4) Make the marriage hell for him as it is paining you, it is paining him.
5) Walk out of the marriage
6) Welcome her like a sister