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Female Native doctor spotted a yahoo boys’ house to demand her share of their loot, says the gods revealed to her they have ‘picked’ money(VIDEO)

female native doctor

A female  native doctor was captured  intruding  the house of one of her customer  reportedly a ” yahoo boy” otherwise known as internet fraudster to demand for her cut in the money they looted.

In the viral video of this incident that was making round media, the herbalist spotted confronting the the young men requesting her own share of the look and vowed not to leave their apartment until they do so.

Herbalist storms


The native doctor  was spotted in red sacred garment and other

forms of fetish adornment was heard claiming that the gods revealed to her they have ‘picked’ money.

However, the young men was heard replying her saying that they never intended to lie to  her but the money they made was too small.

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IN a similar news , A young man suspected to be to be “yahoo

boy”(Internet fraudster) have been accused of killing  his

girlfriend and burying  her in a shallow grave he dug in his room.

In the trending video of this incident, residents of the locationwhere this incident occurred   gathered to grasp a look at the

shallow grave.

Although the location of this incident was made anonymous forreason best known to them, the poster advised women to  be careful out there.

“A yahoo guy killed and buried his girlfriend inside his house. “Girls, let’s be careful out there,” the user wrote.