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“Fg must give Bobrisky’s Lifestyle Immediate attention.

political Aide to the governor of Delta state  Ossai Success Ovie said that the lifestyle of bobrisky be given immediate attention in order to help young people in the society.

Ovie  disclosed  this on his Facebook handle where insinuating that bobrisky’s lifestyle is impacting young ones in the society negatively.

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he case of Bobrisky should be looked into by the Nigeria Government because he is affecting our generation negatively.

He is a bad influence to our youths.

Today, some of our youths want to emulate him because they are seeing the kind of lifestyle he is displaying.

It seems we have lost our core value as a people.

What he is doing is against our tradition, country laws , Christianity and Muslim.

We want reduction in crime yet some persons who are acting against the law are walking freely and influencing others negatively.

The kind of lifestyle Bobrisky is living needs urgent attention from our government.

My name is Ossai Ovie Success”