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Flood: House of Assembly Bauchi, calls for immediate fix of damaged roads

 House of Assembly, Bauchi, has called on the Bauchi State Governor, to take instant actions in the fixing of damaged roads that were destroyed by flood.

On Wednesday, in Bauchi Abdul Ahmad Burra, the Spokesperson to the Speaker, Bauchi State House of Assembly, after the House’s sitting regarding the matters of urgent public importance, the urgent maintenance was requested by the member representative of Disina Constituency, Hon Saleh Hodi Jibir of the road that connects Adamami, Disina Jama’are and Itas/Gadau which is being taking over by flood.

“According to him, the road is very necessary to the communities in the area because of its economic and social importance, and it requires urgent maintenance as it is recently devastated,”

He requested that the Honourable House should ask the State Government to act urgently so as to repair the road and put it back to use.

In support, Hon. Tijjani Muhammad Aliyu, Majority Leader, said that the road needs to  be workd urgently.

The Majority Leader added that as representative of the people it’s incumbent on them to raise the matter since it affects their constituents.

He insists that the executive arm, that since the House had passed the Bauchi State Infrastructural Maintenance Agency Bill into law, the government should induct and make provisions of funds to authorize the agency swing into measures.