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FLOOD: Young lady affected by Bayelsa flood spotted sleeping on a bridge.

Bayelsa flood; young lady ;sleeping; otuoke bridge
Bayelsa flood; young lady ;sleeping; otuoke bridge

A viral picture of a young lady that was a victims of Bayelsa flood was spotted sleeping at popular otuoke bridge at bayelsa state.

It was discovered that flood had led to massive displacement of otuoke residents to unknown locations as the flood continues to destroy the community.

A Facebook user identified as Queen Favour on Friday took to her account sharing a pictures of a young lady   displaed by flood whom was identified as Kardi sleeping on the popular otuoke bridge at Bayelsa state.

From the viral photos making round media, he victim was seen in what looked like”stay at home cloth” while also with a bag that looks like what’s left of her belonging .

She was spotted lying on the bridge while used her fully packed bag as a pillow.

Queen Favour posted the photo with caption “Kardi Blinkz dey suffer o. She is currently sleeping on top Otuoke bridge.


Another  related news

A heartbroken Bayelsa based – farmer has expressed his sorrow on social media after poultry farm was destroyed by the menace cause by flooding in Nigeria .

Flooding is not a new thing in Nigerian this year as about 12 out of 36 states have been

ravaged by flood , hundreds of people dead , uncountable numbers have been displaced

and people were forced out of their homes and business.

States lik he Anambra , Bayelsa , Rivers , Benue , Yobe , Delta were greatly affected by

the flood , destroying farmlands and homes.

A Bayelsa-based farmer took to the microblogging platform twitter , to narrate the state

that flood left his poultry farm.

He disclosed that the flood submerged his poultry farm killing reasonable number of birds.

In the viral video he shared that was making round media, hundreds of chickens were

scattered on the floor dead.

The farmers who said that he lost 3, 897 birds in a day also said that they are battling

both flood a flu and no way to bring in food nor medics.

Read his post


“This is my farm in Bayelsa State. The state has been cut off. No way to bring in feeds,

nor medics. We are fighting both flood and birdflu at the same time. As at yesterday, I

lost 3, 897 birds. My heart is failing me. Totally depressed”, he wrote.