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Fuel Importation to be ban by 2023

Mele Kyari, the Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) said that by 2023, the country will cease shipping in petroleum products, he announced this during a press disclosing hosted by the Presidential Communication Team at the Presidential Villa, on Tuesday in Abuja.

He remarked that the NNPC has the privilege to 20 percent of production from Dangote refinery and the Dangote refinery which is going to resume in 2023 will multiply its output from other refineries to meet the needs of petroleum production in Nigeria.

The NNPC ownership of 20 percent right in Dangote refinery is a thing to be proud of, this was said by Kyari and not only that they also have the foremost privilege of rejection to supply crude oil and that is to say that they have shut the capacity to provide crude oil to minimum of 3000 barrels by privilege in the coming twenty years and this refinery will resume at most July 2023.

The prediction is the foremost district and will resume by next year.