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“He bore shame and pain to stand with me” – Boss who bought Benz for apprentice that served under him for 17 years says

A kind and loving business man has acquired a brand new Mercedes Benz for is apprentice who have served under him for 17 years.

Lion of Jada as the man identified disclosed that his apprentice Rowland has served him for 17 year sticking through all hardships with him and never attempted to leave like others did.

In order to reward  him for his years of loyalty, he decided to

acquire  him a Benz since Rowland revealed that he wants to

become an Uber driver.

“Rowland (Latino) has served me since 2005 and has been the

perfect friend, brother and member of staff. Through my darkest

days he was always a loyal constant. He bore shame and pain to

stand with me. Now he wants to ‘do Uber’” he wrote 


Meanwhile, Angered Cab drivers has taken it out on his female passenger who rudely. tried to caution him about taking a different route rather than the supposed route.

In the viral video of this incident making Round media, the driver was seen teaching his passenger  about manners.

while speaking on top of his voice , the cab man was heard insinuating that she used the wrong words and manners to re direction him on the route to take.

ln his word ,

“You’ll get down out of my car. I cannot buy a car for three million and you sit down there insulting me. Since you never knew this road, you can say please which one is the road you are taking and I will explain.

“But not don’t pass that road; are you my mother? Stupid girl, talking to me anyhow.