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Heavyweight world champion, Tyson Fury has been banned from entering the US

Popular  Heavy weight boxing champion Tyson Fury has reportedly been banned from entering United states.

Reports previously had it that on June][, the champion was allegedly connected to a  crime boss Daniel Kinahan but refused to calls for comment.

However, the Tyson’s brother Tommy  in recent comment on MMA podcast today, disclosed that him and his brother are being denied entry into US.

‘Me and Tyson just can’t get into America at the minute and that’s the way it is.’ Tommy said.

Boxing heavyweight world champion, Tyson Fury banned from entering? the? US

The ban is understood to centre around the Fury family’s links to Irish boxing promoter Kinahan, who has been sanctioned by the US.

The United States Treasury have  reportedly imposed sanctions on

Kinahan and the US Department of State have also announced

the offering of rewards of up to $5million for information leading

to the arrest and/or conviction of three members of the Kinahan



The ban means WBC champion Tyson, who last fought in the States in October 2021 for his trilogy meeting with Deontay Wilder, is having to restrict his fights to being held in the UK or the Middle East.

Directly asked about ‘the Kinahan situation‘ on the MMA

Fighting on SBN podcast, Tommy said: ‘I don’t know (what’s

happening), that’s what I pay my lawyers for and my legal

team every day, they’re sorting it and I said please get this

resolved as soon as possible and that’s where I’ve left it at

the moment.

‘I’m hoping it gets resolved asap because I want to come to America not just for boxing and of course for the big one to get this fight over the line but if it doesn’t get resolved for a long time I can’t speak on that on how long this is going to take… But let’s say it’s a long time, let’s get it on over here. I’ll fight that man wherever, I’m not bothered. I am ready to go.’

Addressing claims that Irish boxing promoter Kinahan runs a global organised crime group, Tyson previously said: ‘That’s none of my business and I don’t interfere with anybody else’s business.’

Tyson, who was photographed in Dubai in February this year with the US sanctioned Kinahan, said: ‘Because I had my picture taken with a man it doesn’t make me a criminal.

‘I’m just a boxer. There could be a criminal in this building.’