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“He’s threatening to leave” – Woman cries out after husband she forgave for cheating 11 times caught her cheating .

A married woman has taken to social media to cry out after her husband whom she has forgiven severally for his infidelity caught her cheating recently and have been assaulting her and threatened her multiple times to end their marriage.

This lady took to relationship therapy  platform to share this

ordeal disclosing that she has forgiving her husband for 11 times

for cheating on her even when he caught him having an affair with her cousin.

However, the infidel husband  just discovered she cheated on him

during a weekend getaway with her female friends, and he isn’t

taking the matter lightly.

The woman disclosed that during the gate away party, things got

out of control and she has a foursome with her friend and two other guys.

She however disclosed that her husband found out about this incident through her  she failed to delete the chat she has with her girlfriend about the incident .

She further said that the husband who has been cheating since their marriage has assaulted her several times and threatened to lend their marriage.

“My husband saw the chats and he assaulted me. I moved

out of our bedroom since that day. I’ve been called to

three family meetings so far. He’s threatening to leave. I

don’t understand why because I forgave him when he

cheated with 11 girls including my cousin”.


A groom to be has ben left  in dilemma after he discovered that his wife to be is a single mother of two on their wedding day.

This heart breaking discovers was captured in a  video that is currently making round all media stirring different reaction.

According to the video, the  displeased  groom angrily screamed, took off his shoes, and called off the wedding in front of the guests.

He further queried the wife on her  reasons for keeping the fact the she has had  children before but she could not reply because she was hurt and feeling guilty.

Their  guests present , however, urged the groom to forget and carry on with the ceremony, but he clearly refused stating that nothing can make her to continue with the marriage.

Netizens who reacted to the post criticized the lady for keeping such important information from her fiancé.