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“How I found out my babe was planning to travel to Dubai with another man ” – Nigerian man

Twitter user identified as Emeka has shared a story of how he made a shocking discovery when he invaded his girlfriend’s phone.

According to Emeka, the girlfriend has made a plan to leave with another man to Dubai one week later.

The man she wanted to travel with is also in a very serious relationship but they both decided to leave their partners and elope together.

Emeka stated that his girlfriend and the man she wanted to travel with planned that they will not tell anyone when they reach Dubai nor share any pictures of them online when they relocate.

Emeka made this revelation following a  tweet made by a netizen stating that t she would go through her partner’s phone whenever she had the inclination to.

In her words;
“If I feel the need to check your phone as someone I’m with, I will. I will rather know where to channel my energy to than sit and live in the illusion that all is well. If what is in that phone will scatter the marriage by all means let it scatter.”

The post got the attention of Emeka and he said that he would never try checking his partner’s phone again for his sanity.

“I did this once and found out that an ex was planning to go to dubai with a guy that was also in a relationship. They planned to ghost us (their partners) for one week and not take pictures during their stay. I personally won’t do it again for my sanity but if you need to, do it.”