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I believe Mosquito have a cure to HIV virus-Mosquito Farmer



While other farmers are into rearing of cattles,chicken,pigs etc there is a viral video of a farmer who rears mosquito in his farm that was recorded by a video creator lucky udu,however,while people are looking for a control measure  the kill the parasite and prevent the spread of it’s  vector,this farmer feeds,and shelter them.

However, is not rearing it it for a just cause ,he believes that there is a mission he is set to with his farm,because when asked why he rears them he said that he believes that mosquito may have a cure to HIV due to parasite’s inability to transmit HIV to and unaffected  person  despite having contact with affected  person.

The farmer said”my  name is doctor Manyi and i believe that enzymes in mosquito will have something in the cure of HIV\AIDS”

when asked the reason for rearing it wile others is trying to get rid of it ,his answer was quite impressive.

he further said”number one reason is that we all know that mosquito is a vector of so many diseases including malaria but does not transfer HIV virus.”

“Now this lab is interested in finding out that which makes the mosquito not viable tool for HIV transmission even though they suck blood and mix up the*** even in the cell room where you have  one or two person there but does not transmit HIV” he said.