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“I don’t get how a woman can be involved in fraud.” – Sonia Ogiri reacts to Haija4real’s arrest.


Popular Nigerian Philanthropist, Sonia Ogiri has reacted following  news about the Ghanaian  musician and socialite, Haija4real’s arrest and her alleged involvement in fraud.

The socialite took to her instagram story to lamenting on how odd it is for  woman to be involved in fraud especially the likes of Hajia4real who has a beautiful career that she should have worked on.

Sonia ascertained that , this generation has subjected themselves  to unnecessary pressure and always looked to take the easy way out, and turned towards illegal means.

In sonia’s word
“I will continue preaching Legit hustle. Is just mere self afflicted pressure putting this generation into different trouble.
I dont get how can a woman be involve in fraud.
We have too many of them in America and I always try not to believe those stories but hey, things happening that we can’t imagine and they have refuse to understand the fact that,
America most find you NOW or LATER. I went to Hajia’s page and I saw she’s into music and sounds really nice BUT no, the legit way is too far for them. Better thing no dey finish from Market, step by step, you will get all your heart desires with focus, hard work, determination, sincerity and GOD’S grace period”.