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“I don’t Know who leaked my sex tape but God will Judge him”-James Brown says in New Video.(Watch video)

Controversial cross dresser James Obialor popularly known as James Brown has in a new Video

addressed the his sex tape that was leaked days ago the internet.

The 23 year old cross dresser in the video said that he was devastated following the leaked bedroom

video of him and his girlfriend.

The cross dresser also claimed  that he is not aware of who leaked his sex tape, adding that people are

not happy with what he has achieved in  his life , he also prayed that God will will punish who ever

leaked his bed room video to the world.

James admitted that the video was taken 6 to 7  months ago when he came back from his first trip to UK,

stating that him and his girlfriend recorded their bedroom video because they don’t like internet sex.

The cross dress said that he is not a fan of masturbation  or online intimacy because it reduces one’s IQ

claiming that he got  the knowledge from his father that is a doctor. Due to these reasons ,James and his

girlfriend decided to record the sex tape of themselves.


However, he disclosed that him and his girlfriend are the only one in possession of the sex tape, despite

that, he still claimed not to know how the tape found its way to the internet.

James on speaking why he had unprotected sex with a woman despite being a HIV positive patient, he

said that his girl friend whom he has dated for two years knows his status, stating that he didn’t

Ejaculate inside her private part.

James concluded his statement in the video by slamming critics who were criticizing over the leaked

tape, stating that he is not the only person whose sex tape has leaked online and also said that he is

owning up to the video.