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“I don’t want my Mum to die”-Lady calls out her father over domestic violence(VIDEO.

Nigerian Lady has taken to social media to call out her father for abusing her mother at slightest provocation.

This lady identified on twitter as @koladeprincess who resides in Lokoja, Kobo state took to the micro blogging platform to expose how her father physically abuse her mother.

The young Lady revealed tht her mother have been subjected to all sorts of domestic violence from her father claiming that her father has never loved her mother since the beginning of their marriage.

She also disclosed that her has severally threatened to kill her mother and has repeatedly accused her mother of witchcraft.

She shared a video Of her father assaulting their mother in the presence of her and her siblings on October 17 , she also cried out for help stating that does not want her mother to die.

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“Hello, everyone. I’ve hid this for long, but I can’t anymore; I’m so tired of living in my home because of the abuse and violence that goes on.

I live with fear in my house.

I have to speak up before my mum ends up like Osinachi. I can’t let my mum die at her age of just 43!!

I’m scared and trembling as I write this, but I can’t let that fear keep from speaking up. I hid my problems so the world won’t know because my father is the only one I have who sponsors I and siblings to school, feeding and housing. I’m scared of loosing this things.

My mum also takes all these pain because of his miney. She wants us to become someone big in life and that includes schooling and fathering. My mum gets treated like trash because of a man who doesn’t love her but ended up getting married to her.

Threatens to kill her, divorce her and thinks she’s a witch too. Insults her of her illiteracy, how her family are nothing to write home about.

My mum is the only female of her parents with two younger siblings that aren’t well-to-do and an orphan after her mum died this year April.

She gotten beaten this night because of a little thing that isn’t supposed to be problem…

Monday 17th of October, 2022 at 9pm-11pm my mum was almost killed by a man she calls her husband. I recorded some of the videos while the beating, shouting and wailing was going on, he noticed I was recording and slapped me.

But I have got some others videos after I collected my phone from him.


My mum has problems with her health too; I don’t if it is kidney or heart, but my dad never for once took her to the hospital. Her legs and hands and stomach gets swollen from time to time.

Yet my dad still beats her. And This man is a pharmacist!!!

I really need your help guys, to get I, my siblings and mum out of this man’s house…
I know how many times I’ve contemplated or either running away or commiting suicide.

My siblings cry whenever this happens, so many times I get report of them either chased out or beaten till they get wounds and scars.
Below are the videos I could record… I’m posting this at 1:12 because I don’t know if I could still have access to my phone when it is morning.

I need help, please!

Housing, food, job and everything…
I don’t want my mum to die or my immediate brother to commit suicide, I see him sad Everytime. My mum cries Everytime!”

Watch the videos she shared below,