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“I go kee you” – White man threatens ‘Yahoo Boys’ after finding out they are scammers( VIDEO).

Angry White man on a video call with bunch of Nigerian Scammers threatened to kill them after they tried to swindle money from him.

In the viral clip of the encounter between these fraudsters also known as “Yahoo” boys and the white man, they were seen exchanging foul words and it is not certain if the fraudsters have extorted money from him before.

The Yahoo boys tried to scam him by requesting money from him but he sensed that they were fraudsters and did not send it.

He told them that they are fraudsters and he knew that they are from Nigeria and will kill them all .

However, the bunch of fraudsters did not take his threats serious rather they were hauling all sorts of Insults in him and his family.

One of the guys even told him to calm down and send the gift card he had promised earlier when he was still oblivious to the scam.

The white kept insisting that he would kill them and even exclaimed in pidgin, “I go kill you”

Watch the video here;