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“I made my family proud , if you like , say na nanny I Dey do” — Nigerian man says as he shows off love of his life(Video)

Nigerian-Abroad based man is happy as he shows love of his heartthrob and at the same time disclosed how he had a doubt about his mother’s speculation about being the one to make the family proud.

In the viral video making round media, the young man was contented and over joyous about the decision he made to move abroad and be with his aging lover.

He stressed that his pastor told him that he will go places in love but she didn’t believe him , neither did he believe his mother that said he will make family proud.


While trying to deliberate on what true happiness mean, he stated that true happiness is all about finding comfort in one’s decision .

He further accentuated on how he planned to take her ex-girlfriend by surprise next year with his new love

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