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“I smashed my Pastor who happens to be my stepdad.-Lady disclosed why she stopped going to church.

A twitter lady identified as Paballo said that she thst ahe stopped going to church because she slept with her pastor who happened to be her step dad.

This stemmed from a reply she gave when a  teitter used identified as Lourens Shoatja asked a random question”Why did you stop going to church.

Paballo then gave that hilarious reply about herself, she also disclosed that her siblings found out and exposed her to the church which led to her mom kicking her out of the house.

She said:

“I smashed the pastor who happens to be my stepdad. My step siblings found out and exposed me to the our church Youth League and everyone found out. My mom kicked me out, now I’ve been living with my boyfriend since. Never went to church again.”

paballo also seems not to regret waht she did as she claimed she did that as a revenge to what her mother have been doing to her, she also disclosed that her mother hated her unlike her siblings.

paballo said: “My mother never loved me. She cared about everyone else except me. She would buy my siblings clothes and not me… not even a box of pads. The b’tch hated me omw. So i took advantage of her and my stepfather’s marital and sexual problems to get everything i want”.

“My stepfather was just a pastor and my mom worked at Retail. So when she was at work i would clean in short skirts and crop tops. He took a while to give in but he eventually did. she said.

Not gonna like that man had good dick. Best rounds i ever received. I could feel it was wrong but it was nice being wrong. He gave me money for clothes. Bought me a Samsung. Nails. Paid for school trips and sneakers. I would sometimes give him AM rounds because i was so grateful”.

“for bringing shame. My mom kicked me out. Her last words were “ankere o mosadi o ae ketsang mosadi kamohare ha ntlo ya mosadi o mong. Tsamoyi pona.” I nearly felt that but the b’tch in me said to her “ke satlo mo phinda hape and this time ko mo nyobisa mahala”.

“She threw my bags at me. That was the last time i set foot in her house. I stayed at a friend’s house and my stepfather and i still kept hooking up there. I broke up with him 3 years ago after i met my boyfriend who now does everything for me.”

Now my stepfather hates me. He even helps my mom gossip about me. Never went to a single family gathering. No cousins no nex. Been living with my friends as family and my man.

Do i regret it? No. But am i happy about it? Sometimes