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“If you could display nudity, I can display chastity” – ‘Virgin corper’ brags about her virginity.

A port Harcourt graduate and serving corp member Faith Ehimare has resulted to social media to brag about her virginity despite being a youth corper.

Faith Ehimare hails from port Harcourt and a graduate of university of  port Harcourt and is currently currently under going her  one year National youth service corp took to her social media to disclose that she is still virgin despite being a graduate.

following the lengthy post she made on Facebook, she said that that since women can display their nudity, without being castigated, she can also display her chastity.





display nudity, I can display chastity!! I Know you have a

reservation about Uniport girls, especially the ones that stays at

Alakahia and Aluu.

Well, this post may not sit right with you, because in our world

nudity is applauded whilst Chastity is slammed. We are Christians

but we keep quiet and allow evil thrive. However, I owe humanity

the gift of light. So I’d share. If you could recall, I had shared my

story with you, about my school days. I told you how I had

become the BGS female in my department, Political Science and

Public Administration U2016. I talked about the misdeeds, critics

and hate I was shown in school. I talked about how I was labeled a prostitute, lesbian and whatever they chose to call me.


I wouldn’t lie, I had terrible times during these period. Reason

that, I would be spending years with these people who shredded

me in pieces. I had times I didn’t want to see their faces. I had

times I wanted them to see me for me and not the lies that

beclouded their thoughts of me. I wanted them to love me

genuinely and not look at me in disgust. I wanted real friendship.

All I wanted was for them to see me differently.

I had so much wants from these people that I almost lost myself

and focus. I wanted them to hear me out, just once, to clear the


misconceptions and bridge between us, but I got none. I was

caught in between sticking to who I was and wanting to tell them


how wrong they were of me. I literally, wanted them to like me. Yes, I needed a validation. From who kwanu?

It feels laughable now when I remember those days. How tiring it

was proving point to people who will still talk you down. People

who believed pre marital sex was normal and if you speak against

it, it is either you are a liar or pretender. As some persons are

reading this piece now, beneath their breath they are either

genuinely scared that evil might befall me as I have spoke up,

some feel it isn’t necessary to claim saint outside whilst others

feel I am a liar.

And, I know right, it’s a taboo to talk about Virginity in public.

Ofcourse, it doesn’t sit right with you because you have a

reservation about people who talk about their chastity in public. You believe virginity shouldn’t be a public affairs, but it is okay to openly display and appreciate nudity. You believe if one talk about it, the person might be raped or even be kidnapped and used for rituals.

I can understand your fears, but I don’t intend to keep quiet anytime soon. I am Sharing this with you because I know the pressure is real. We hear on a daily how a girl of 22 has slept with hundreds and thousands of men in a year. Yabaleft goes ahead to help sell them, by reposting and then people make fancy of the situation, by applauding them. Leaving you with no option other than to ask yourself if your private part is still working. My darling, you are a special specimen, forget the pressure, stay away from the troubles of the heart, spirit, soul and body. Be chaste, it is possible!!!

My name is Faith Ehimare I am on a journey to carrying Virginity on my head like akara. Kindly, follow me on this journey and you are free to call me coper shun!!!”