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“If you like carry five children, I can never help you” – Lady vows after experiencing a child fall and die in the hands of a helper.

The norm of helping mothers to carry their child or children in a public transport , is one the easiest was  way one can  show kindness to a mother in public and it is practiced  in every part of the world .

However, bad luck  do occur as in the case of one twitter lady identified as @shesamale as he shared a story of how she was criticized for not helping a mother to carry her child in a but the end justified the need .

According to her story

“one time, a woman pleaded with me to help lap one of her kids cos we was to alight at the same b/stop and i refused, she asked another woman and she agreed(even eyeing me sorta)long story short, we all got down from the bus and the child the woman helped with fell and died. i was so scared like the kid was literally lying there lifeless and for no reason,omo they held the woman o(the one that helped)and she was beaten so bad,the mother claimed she did something to her child and she was going to hold her responsible omo since that day,infact carry five kids i can never help you o,if you like say i’m wicked i agree,cos that woman prolly helped innocently and see what happened..it left a kind of trauma for me”