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I’m not building any man, he must build himself” -South African lady says, giving her reasons.

A south African lady   has vowed never to take care of any man or build him following the heartbreak  she got from her ex who she provided and cared for.

This south African lady identified as @MissTinah_M, on take disclosed this in a recent post she made on her twitter account.

According to Tinah ,her boyfriend whom she’s been providing for taking care of turned ot to be ungrateful to the extent that he  even dumped her to be with another lady.

Speaking on the things she has done, Tinah stated that took care of  his debt with his boss to save  him from losing his source of but that was was never appreciated by the man .

However, Tinah swore never to lower her standard for any man again due to the harsh treatment she got from her ex.

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 ”I dated a man who I provided for. Helped him settle his debt with his boss. Or else he was going to be fired at work. That guy left me high and fry for a better woman. So forgive me for not wanting to drop my standards. I’m not building a man. He must build himself.”