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“I’m the most judged stripper” – BBNaija star, Chichi

Controversial BBnaija star Chi chi has again reflected of her past life before  fame got her through the reality show.

During an interview with the reality show she made a comment on how people in that line of business are being labeled and looked down upon in Nigeria.

The exotic dancer turned influencer in a chat with Punch stated  she is the most judged stripper, stated that exotic dancers are usually judged by people and seen as lesser humans in our part of the world.

“I think I am the most judged stripper. When I was a stripper, (I don’t strip anymore), people often came to me for help and at the same time, they would judge me. They did not see us as human beings. Stripping is actually a profession but in my father’s land (Nigeria), it is not seen as one. It was really hard because people were so judgmental.

“Because of that, I cannot talk in public. And, that is why I am uptight; I don’t like expressing myself. Whenever I talk, people are quick to throw ‘shades’ at me, saying what do I know since I’m just a stripper. They feel we (strippers) can do anything for money.” She said.

Weeks ago, Chichi has stirred reactions among netizens with the new  rate card  she set for her brand influencing life two months after she came out of the big brother naija show.

see her rate card

“Below are our rates, as requested:
12M (Twelve Million Naira) for the duration of Six (6) Months
20 M (i.e. Twenty Million Naira) for the duration of One (1) Year
We can guarantee that our team will be ready and available to work with yours towards achieving successful outcomes all through the period of the partnership. Our goal will be to not just meet but surpass your deliverables as we already look forward to a long lasting relationship with your brand.
We look forward to getting started, Chichi is particularly excited and very much ready to kick the ball rolling.
Please feel free to contact me”

Her post has stirred reactions from social media users, and an Instagram influencer, Zabeth.

Here are Some reaction to  the post

Zabeth:”This is just funny to me😀 is it like they don’t know what the economy of Nigeria is saying?
Why is the rate is high??
20million is a lot for someone that knows nothing about influencing 🚶.

dor.collectionns: This is why this set is not getting lots of endorsement . if you invest just

one million on Instagram ads monthly, Nah you go Taya because the way sales go rush you ehn🔥🔥🔥.

.silvergoldbrand_creations: I rather invest that money into sponsored ad. I’m 100% sure

it will make a pleasant results. 20 million!!! Thaaa!!! Ontop influencing. Omo I go influence myself jare.

_kvng_beee_pearl: No wonder why they’re not getting any endorsement deals 😂🤣 in this

economy??? lmao,if a brand should run ads strategically with 5m,the brand LL make x15 of it on a  steady within a month.

king___ovy: The problem is you guys decided to follow her here, pay attention to her

lifestyle and all…… You made her a little more important!.

giftsbyenielleconcepts: How much Does mark the owner of Instagram charges you to use his app ?