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“Is there any boarding daycare? “Man asks after his toddler broke a crate of egg in his Kitchen..

Twitter user identified as @VulfgangNwaruh have taken to the micro blogging platform to  lament how his toddler broke a full crate of egg in his kitchen.

Sharing the picture of his toddler in a messed up kitchen with broken eggs, he said asked if there is any daycare for toddlers.



The  father stated that he will not mind enrolling his daughter in a boarding school fo toddlers and visits her every weekend.

He captioned the picture of his daughter “Any Boarding Daycare Around? Will Be Visiting Her Every Weekend, I Don’t Mind.

Here are some reactions to the Post.
Trend Engager: this is your own child. you DNA strong bro. If you ain’t ready for this, why did you bring her into this world? After all, your mother told me, na 7 crates of eggs you broke within 2 minutes.
SHOES_BY_MIMIE:One thing with broken eggs is you have to clean it up to a T ! Every single nook, else your house will smell like pit … Children are not good people tbh.
Edem Nelson: e dey sweet when u dey cum, come dey see wetin fit comot water for your eyes… Kids are yoga u go learn how to control ur ange
TKaka of bariga:  You guys will always make person laugh on this app no matter the situation.