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Kenya: Man declares himself John the Baptist of the Bible

82-year-old Bungoma man has left the residence mumbling after he announced himself as the John the Baptism of the bible.

A man who is identified as Mzee Ronald Wanyama alias Nabii Yohana Tano will remain the talk of the town in Bungoma for a long time.

The Bungoma-based man has composed his Bible which contains 93 books and has proclaimed himself as the original John the Baptist who existed in the days of Jesus Christ.
According to report, he has also boasted of 46 wives and fathers to 289 children.

Mzee Ronald Wanyama lives in Nandolia village, Kanduyi constituency in Bungoma County. In exclusive coverage by TV47, Wanyama has a special house in his compound where he attends to his followers.
In the house, despite who you are, you must pull your shoes to go inside, notwithstanding  the house having an earthen floor.
Outside the house, he has put a tall flag with 11 colors and surrounded it with 12 stones. While speaking during the interview, he revealed that it signifies that God has rejuvenated his Kingdom for the third time.
He also explained further, that the flag colors have meaning. “Hiyo rangi nyeupe inaonyeshe mwangaza, bila mwangaza mtu atatembea? Red inaonyesha jua. Kila rangi ikona maana yake,”