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Knack well before you come to Uk- UK based Nigerian man advises people planning to relocate to UK.(VIDEO)

A Nigerian man in a viral video  making round media advises Nigerians planning to relocate to UK to  have sex to their maximum satisfaction before relocating to abroad.

Speaking in the video this UK based man advised aspiring UK immigrants to  have sex as much as they can because it is hard to bed a man or a  woman when you relocate to UK.

He said that men and women are undoubtedly everywhere but they will never want to bed you because they believe you have an ulterior motive.

According to him, he claimed that he has never had an intercourse with a woman since one year of relocation to the country as whites believe  Nigerian immigrants are after their papers.

Due to his inability to satiate his sexual urge, he assumed that this is the case of other black immigrant who ask for sexual pleasure online from their Nigerian based girlfriends.

In his words”“See me now, I don dey here for good…going to a year now and I never see knack o. I get many of them as friends o, girls everywhere buh them no dey gree knack o cause they believe na paper wan make I knack them because they know say if I knack them Wella na, them fit forget themselves begin follow me”.

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