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Lady recounts how her mother covered up for brother who sexually molested her since she was a child(VIDEO)

Nigerian lady recounted how her mother use to cover up for elder brother who mpleated her sexually as a child .

This lady disclosed this in a video where she was sobbing uncontrollably with a caption inscribed to the video .

In the video she disclosed that her blood bother  sexually molested her throughout her teenage life and will always beat her to instill fear in not to expose him .

She also revealed by that her mother is aware of it end when he found out the she been sexually molested by him . According. To mother , the mother supports the son because she believed that it’s shameful to the family when her son’s evil deed is exposed .

In her word:” Sexual molestation by my blood brother and through my teen . Since my child hood, he will hit me to instill fear in me as a child so I won’t expose how the sexually molests me and my mother supports and covers for him thinking that he is disciplining me as a child, after I told her, she Found out, she did nothing that it’s shameful for her family image”.

The lady also that her brother aspire being 32 years now still beat her and the mother still support her .

However, she asked why African mothers like covering for their sons wrong doings to their daughters ,like a female child doesn’t matter .