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Lagos: Nigeria Judicial High Court faces blackout

Judicial activities have been stopped at the Lagos division of the Federal High Court in Ikoyi because of a power outage.

 In the past few days, the court has been experiencing an epileptic power supply.

Since Tuesday, all the courts and offices including the Judges’ chambers have been in darkness with severe heat.

Some cases slated for hearing Wednesday and Thursday could not go on as the atmosphere was in-conducive for some judges.

However, a few of the judges were not deterred as they called their cases.

Most of the judges and lawyers took off their wigs and gowns, the compulsory courtroom attire during proceedings, because of the heat.

It was gathered that the court authorities could not resort to an alternative power source because of the unavailability of diesel to power the two generators servicing the facility.

Some lawyers equally expressed their displeasure about the embarrassing situation.

“This is very bad, how can the Federal High Court which has wide jurisdiction in adjudicating cases like pre-election matters not be able to power generators for the comfort of its judges? The situation in the country is really alarming as no sector is working optimally,” one of the lawyers lamented.