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Man captured making money rain on his mother’s grave.(VIDEO)

In viral video that is trending round media, a young man was captured showing the love he had for his late sweet mother.

In the video , the was seen spraying lots of cash in N200 notes on the fresh grave of his mother .

From the image of the grave that was captured in the video , it

seems that the mother died and was buried not too long because

the sands of the gave looked freshly dug and a framed picture of

her mounted at the grave.

Another remarkable thing in the video was that mother was

buried inside a tiled  room inside a building in their compound .

People around were showering praise on the  young man as he sprays the money on the grave and also on the deceased woman .

This video however attracted the attention of many netizens and they reacted to it.

Here are some reactions

viposeroland:Shey she shud get up from her grave to pick the money, go spend it & return back to the grave?? Allow her RIP. This doesn’t matter anymore.

wockeshahoney:They buried her in the house?.

pada_stitches:My question is why is she buried inside the room? Pls don’t come after me oo na question I ask.

iam_hardeybayo:This is absolutely thick madness.Did you make money rain on her while she was alive.I don’t think you did because if you did you will not be doing this after she left this world…Stop this eyes service mad boy.

mercy_light_simon:Hmmmm.. God please help, provide, find and make me Rain more than this to my MOTHER but now that She’s still alive🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.

officialbobbyfredrick__:You don’t need money to celebrate ur loved one even if were broke before they died you must have been active in their lives shown them love n care that money can’t give , the guy just dey give me guilty conscience vibes.

omalauretta_:I hope she enjoyed this money when she was alive???.

prettygifttyy:Come on guy, did u do it when she was alive?? Rest her Rest In Peace


jeffryprettypretty:For me ooooooh, i think this guy use his mom for something, i come in peace.