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Man commits suicide after his wife left him in Ogun state.

man commit suicide

An unidentified man has reportedly taken his own life after his wife ended their marriage and left him.

People around attested that this man had a marital misunderstanding between him and his wife and the wife decided to end the marriage in

According to Gallas Kolawole  who shared this story on his Facebook said that this incident happened in Akute area of Ogun state. .

The man reportedly took his own life by ingesting insecticide because he could not handle the break up from his wife.

According to Witnesses , this man took his daughter to POS vendor to withdraw all his money and give to her but before the completion of that transaction he suddenly slumped and died while foaming out with substance .

People around tried to save him by pouring palm oil into his mouth but they could because he took a reasonable amount of the insecticide.

One of the eyewitnesses identified as Gallas Kolawole on Facebook  shared this unfortunate incident.

Gallas Oluwaseyi wrote “So this man ended his life because his wife left him by drinking Snipper. He drank then took his lil daughter to the POS to withdraw all his last card and give to the child. The transaction was yet to be complete when he slumped nd started foaming in his mouth, people rushed to give him red oil but he eventually gave up the ghost”.