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Man landed himself a job after helping a beggar who turned out to be CEO

A Nigerian man with  the twitter name @hacksultan, earlier today on his twitter page shared his story on how he landed a job for himself in London three weeks after departing from  Nigeria.

He wrote”3 weeks ago, I left Nigeria to London with nothing but £1 in my hands, no family, no friends, no where to sleep and no work in the Uk.

But I was a tech bro, I have my skills and that was enough for me. I was determined”.

In his tweet, he disclosed how he used his last money to buy food for a homeless beggar he saw in front of the company that  went to be interviewed  but he later failed the interview .

“”I saw an ad for a senior frontend developer on the street and decided to apply the next day. On my way there, I met one homeless man who was hungry. I got him food with my only money and got to my interview late and lost the job.

As I was leaving. I saw something surprising”” he wrote.

according to him, it turned out that the beggar he met earlier is the CEO of the company he went to be interviewed and he was aid CEO at the spot.

The homeless man I had stopped to help came out wearing a suit from the CEO’s office.

He was the owner of the company.

He said he inherited the company and has been

looking for someone with EMPATHY to make CEO,

since he’s not into tech.

He made me CEO on the spot.