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Man lures friend to a place where a pastor and his gang members killed and dismembered him for ritual purposes

Men of Ogun State Police Command have apprehended a  clergy man  identified as Pastor Felix Ajadi  and two other suspects following the abduction and murder of a 39-year-old man, identified as Adekunle Muyiwa.

The murder  suspects  were  reportedly arrested on Saturday,

November 19,after they gruesomely murdered  and dismembered

their  victim  for the sole purpose of ritual.

Man lures

The  names of the suspects are Idowu AbelClement Adeniyi and Pastor Felix Ajadi as contained in a statement released by by the command’s PPRO, SP Abimbola Oyeyemi.

They were reportedly apprehended after  the apprehended after

the brother to the victim lodged a missing person report at

Owode Yewa divisional headquarters on November 15th  stating

that his brother left home on November 10th and has not

returned home.

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“Upon the report, the DPO Owode Yewa division, CSP Mohammed S. Baba, detailed his Crack detectives to unravel the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of the man.

In the course of their investigation, it was discovered that

Idowu Abel was the person who came to pick the missing

man from his house on that fateful day. Upon the discovery, the said Idowu Abel was traced and arrested.

On interrogation, Idowu Abel confessed that the victim,

who happened to be his bossom friend was lured out by

him and taken to his second accomplice, Clement Adeniyi”s

farm where he was killed and butchered to pieces.

He confessed further that it was one herbalist who was

introduced to him by pastor Felix Ajadi that requested for

human head, heart, two hands, and legs. He stated further

that the said herbalist who is now at large promised to pay

him the sum of #200,000 if he is able to get the listed human parts for him.

He explained further that the herbalist paid #80,000 as advance payment with the promise to pay the balance of #120,000 on receiving the items.

After collecting the advance payment, Idowu Abel went to his bossom friend Muyiwa Adekunle and asked him to escort him to somewhere.

Being a long time friend, the victim who didn’t suspect any

foul play followed him innocently, and he was taken to the

farm of Clement Adeniyi where they killed him and

dismembered his body. His head was cut off, the heart was also removed.

The remaining parts was hurriedly buried in a shallow grave in the said farm.” the statement reads in part.

SP Oyeyemi however disclosed that Idowu’s confession led to the arrest of Clement and Pastor Felix Ajadi, while the herbalist, whose name was given as Abeeb a.k.a Boko, is still at large.